Use cases

What can you build on top of Oumla

Oumla can be used in many different ways because its APIs and SDKs are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing developers to customize them according to their needs.

For example:

Tokenization platform

You have the option to create a tokenization platform using Oumla that leverages the Ethereum blockchain. This platform would enable users to securely store their assets on the blockchain and facilitate seamless asset trading.

Investment platform

You can develop an investment/trading platform that provides users with a hassle-free experience of buying and trading cryptocurrencies. This platform removes concerns related to securities and simplifies the complexities associated with blockchain technology.


You have the opportunity to integrate your game with web3 and blockchain technology, allowing for exciting features such as pay-to-earn. By issuing tokens to players within your game, you can create a model where players can earn rewards that hold real-world value. This opens up new possibilities for engaging gameplay experiences and a thriving in-game economy.


You have the ability to create a customized wallet that precisely fits your requirements effortlessly. This personalized wallet will offer you the flexibility to integrate the desired features and functionalities that perfectly align with your needs, all while ensuring robust security measures are in place, relieving you from the worry of potential security issues.

And way more!

If you have a project or idea you'd like to build, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We'll be more than happy to assist you in designing and architecting the system to fulfill your requirements. The possibilities are limitless.

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