Create a Profile

Create a profile for your user

Profiles play a central role, acting as the core for wallets, addresses, and transactions. When integrating a user into your system for blockchain interaction, having a wallet is key

Profiles establish a direct link between your system's users and their corresponding wallets in ours. Creating a profile involves sending the user type and a reference, such as a UUID or email. This reference is necessary for tasks like generating addresses and handling transactions.

Here are the properties for createProfile function:

property description requiredtype


specify which user




specify which type of wallet.


User | Department | Merchant

Example: of how to create a profile

import { Oumla } from "@oumla/sdk";

const client = new Oumla({
   apiKey: process.env.API_KEY,
   // Additional options...

const profile =  await client.createProfile({
    type: "User",
    reference: "dba1fea5-2004-4ea8-a06d-a7c7c5559b8f",

// you can print 
// return type is Profile

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